fish powder

kimia jask sea products complex industry producer of fish powde , fritilizer , fish oil in hormozgan
one of the main providers of amino acide and protein in regaines of lovestock , poultry and aquatic is fish powder. fish powder in poultry plays an important role with regard to antiquity of the product fish powder is still used in livestock and poultry feeding.kimia jask sea products and scomplex producer and supplier the best fish powder with best quality.
great production unit of kimia jask sea product complex is honored to produce high guality fish powders of which derived from sardin and metoota and other fishes with ability of high absorption from 96 to 98 percent and protein above 60 percent which are derived from local goods and under contract whith company ships which in turn is one of the best samples of fish powder which completely holds worldwide standards and with having special cooking and using antioxidant for improving quality and lock of having powder and edible pests for long preservation we are honored to be your host.
below we are going to see two of our expeniments on kimia jask sea products complex goods.

fish powder expeniment type of A

fish powder expeniment type of B