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after afew searchings we got to this important point that in most conventions the admired authors unanimensly notic that process industry must be built in a way in order that little edible fishes enter the direct ration instead of powder and this is because of cultural poventy in this case.omitting fish powders from ration of poultrymen in these recently 10 years has cansed the poultry industry of iran to be deprived from the standards of foreign marlcet and the period of raising chickens changes from its normal 47 days to a period of 65 to 70 days. this important fact of chickens getting deprived from weight and volume standard as well piling up alooundant fat that directly affects its taste because of its 20 days period of growth wich lasts too lang in the time which chicken eats too much food in its daily ration and computing the other maintenance costs and waste fuel we can figure out the importance of nationwide damages due to omitting of this vital substance. .

but this fact of continuously using it in aquatic foods due to its vital and obligatory role in aquatic ration is reckoning. fish in powder process completely changes from a product with capacity of high putrefaction containing 17 to 20 percent miligrams of protein to a durable matter with ablility of annual preservation in normal conditions containing 64 to 67 percent miligram of protein. in our powder prototype in kimia jask company this product with ability of 98 percent absorption points to the fact of high ratio of this product in aquatic foods provides protein and needed energy as well as using a little waste in pools due to high absorption whick in turn needs less amount of water to be subtituted and this takes stress away from breeding fishes and we can with optimized consumption and correct breeding with reducing the time of breeding and approprate weight goining reduce the full price and have an important contribution in presenting the product to the market. .

kimia sea products complex with utilization of a coocking line and a twin press with capacity of 40 tons a day coocking and a coocking line an owerflow oil-consuming with capacity of 25 tons a day coocking and a 5 tons coocking line with an open style with strong blow of hot weather to coocking with capacity of 15 tons totally with capacity of general transformation of 80 tons of fresh fish and transforming it to16 to 17 tons of powder in a day with absorption coefficient of 96 to 98 percent in land with an mea of established 12000 square meter and with utilization of a more than 400 meter hall and 1000 meter for official an saitory buildings and existence of cleaning system and carwash for raw material transportation with obsenvation of sanitory item according to standard of general veterinary of iran and after exp Experimenting on first sample in the lab and sending it to asa's lab of which we have made a contract with them and they have witnessed our honored to attend the respectable consumer Consumers and producers of aquatic and livestock and poultry. we one thrilled that we can contribute to self-sufficency and promotion of production of livelihood of respectable people of islamic requplic of iran. .
best regards seyed reza tasaloti
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