کود باغی

fertilizer has been one of the most important products for growth and optimizing expenseo and gardener profitability since post times so that soils benefit according to the rechneso of soil mineals lead to a better product. kimia jask sea products complex with producing best fertilizers for gardens makes your garden's products to have better efficiency
also with regard to garden's fertilizers yielded from fish powder with analysis which has been done on them has a tiny effect on soil ph in contrast with other fertilizers which this act is a distinction in agricultural usage. but the noticeable point inn garden's fertilizers is the lock of special vvital anzymes which one only found at fish powders. this act has been proven in agriculture as well as raising live stock and poultry in a wap that many avicultures use fish ppowders.also cattles of which have milky caws use it as a supplement in their livestock foods. kimia jask sea products complex has had remarkable activities in these cases.
for this purpose in producing garden fertilizers from diffrenet fishes and dried fishes derived from received goods in diffrent froms of dried,milled cooked and etc. . with below of 6 percent humidity and protein between 50 to 58 percent and above 500 TVN is prepared to attend you dea custumers.