fish oil is not only full of vital and necessary falty acids for the body and is useful for having a healthy heart but also helps cure pychological disorders and problem such as depression , bipolan disorder and schizophrenia. fish oil is the rich source of omega-3 and also a & d> other application of fish oil is its using in producing color and "lubricant".moreover hydrogenated fish oil is used as the raw material to produce steric acid , glycerin , soap and also candle. fish oil is mostly used in leather industry. newly bought soes smell mostly is the result of using diluted fish oil which is used in tannery industry.soap ingredients which are produced from fish oil and are neutralized with different metals are usually used in production of some special greases which have high melting temperature.
kimia jask sea products complex has strived to attend customers according to the needs of dear customers in different sizes for any kind of consumption according to customers orders yields a high quality oil from catching fresh fishes which in short time after fishing reaches the production stage.